Privatsternwarte Wallhausen...dem Himmel so nah(e)

Some features:
with "Observatory Pilot":
- Power on/off observatory
- Wakeup NexRemote from Hibernate with a single mouseclick
- Set NexRemote to hibernatestatus at the end of the session an quit
- Park mount
- Start other softwares (PHD, CdC …) or bring them in the foreground if already running
- Initial Goto: Goto automatically to a bright star in an defined range of the sky, take an image, plate solve and sync the mount
- Start/stop tracking
- Start/stop guiding, select guide star and other PHD2-API commands
- Open the last image taken
- Plate Solve this image or any other
- Visit Simbad for that object
- Download DSS-Iamge for the actual telescopeposition and the actual field of view
- Open/close roof of the observatory
- Start/Stop fan
- Export logfile (txt)
- Export errorlog
- Write all sessiondata and all relevant information for each single image in a logbook (skycondition, temperature, moonphase, RMS, FWHM, used setups…)
- FTP-Transfer
- Multimonitor support
- Calculate FWHM for an image
- Goto the selected object (with plate solve) until the pointing error is less than x pixels
- Consider Refraction when GoTo-Commands are used
- Watch guidinggraph (RMS in arcsec)
- Analyse guiding performance

- archive my sessions will all infos

and future plans:
- who knows…