Privatsternwarte Wallhausen...dem Himmel so nah(e)


The following
applications should be installed, so that all functionality of ObservatoryPilot are useable:
- Python 2.7 with some extra modules
- Astro Photography Tool (APT) - not necessary
- PlateSolve2
- PHD2
- NexRemote
- Ascom 6
- SQM-Reader
- Microsoft Windows

- Velleman K8055 (USB-I/O-Board)
- Rainsensor FS20SR
- magnetic sensors (roof)
- BlueAstro Stickstation
- IP-Kamera

The program is written for my equipment (Camera, Filterwheel, Focuser, PC-Name, Pathes….).
So it won't run on any other system "out of the box" !!!