Privatsternwarte Wallhausen...dem Himmel so nah(e)


ObservatoryPilot is a GUI-Python-Application, existing of different modules. The goal in developing ObservatoryPilot was to reduce the number of programs I have to monitor during a astrosessions. All important infos should be simply visualized.

Usually the following programs are running during a session on the PC in my backyard observatory:
- Ascom
- NexRemote
- Carte du Ciel
- SQM-Reader Pro
- BlueAstro Stickstation
- Software to take screenshots with hothey and send with ftp

With ObservatoryPilot it’s possible to define triggers for the monitored systems. Dependend of the different states, the results will lead to trafficlights (green/yellow/red). It’s also possible to send alerts via push notification and/or mail or play a soundfile. This is useful, if I’m not in the observatory.

In the table below all conditions are visible, which will cause a yellow/red trafficlight.

Meanwhile i can control the entire observatory and watch the session from a Remote-PC.
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If the trafficlight of a monitored system will change its status from green to yellow/red or yellow to red, a push notification and/or mail with a specific subject will be sent to me, so that it pushes up on my smartphone. In addition a audio-alert (wav) will be played on the observatory PC. For the case, that it should start raining, the mount will be parked and the observatory roof could be closed.

Another important feature is, that ObservatoryPilot logs all relevant informations during a session in a logfile and write session/picture data in a logbook, which can be further analyzed with my Observatory Pilot - Archiv (another Python-Module).